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What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is basically either an individual or a service provider giving the allowance to post a webpage on the internet. A web host offers technologies and services that are needed by you to make a webpage on the special computer servers. Tech Trager Inc. is one of the leading companies that help you in making a website, by providing you with the right tools that you need for web hosting. Not just this, our services also include creating a domain name for the website.

Important Features of Web Hosting:

  • Disk Space- Web hosting accounts need some amount of disk space to store all their files. These files can be anything from web files, emails or any database. We even offer you with sufficient amount of disk space as per your requirement.
  • Bandwidth or Data Transfer- The amount of data that can be transferred is bandwidth and data transfer is the total amount of data that has been transferred. When you have less bandwidth your web page will take time to load even if, the user’s connection is fast. And, when you have less data transfer your webpage unavailable.
  • Email Accounts- This is the most common feature from all of the above. There are 3 types of email i.e. POP3, forwarding and aliases.
  • FTP Access- Every website needs a special server to operate, FTP is the software used to connect the webpage to a server. FTP is also a protocol that is used for backing up your web files to your computer.

Common issues that you can face:

  • “Coming soon” when the web page is uploaded.
  • Changes made on the page aren’t visible.
  • Website crashed.
  • Can’t see the images that were uploaded.
  • Wrong layout.
  • Slow website.
  • Unable to log in to my hosting account.

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